Save Space! 5 Benefits of a Murphy Bed

Are you looking for a way to utilize a spare room, maximize sleeping space and have the capability to use it as a craft room or home office? Then our custom built-in Murphy beds may be just the solution for you!

5 Benefits of Murphy Beds:

  1. Free Up Space: Murphy beds can provide you with up to 40 sq. ft. of valuable floor space!
  2. Multi-Functional Rooms: Murphy beds enable you to use a single room for dual purposes.
  3. Comfort: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for space! Since your Murphy bed is made custom for you, it can be designed to fit any standard mattress you have.
  4. Safe and Easy to Open: The innovative spring system on our Murphy beds are designed to make it very simple and safe to open and close the bed.
  5. Designs to Complement Your Decor: At PNW Closets, our Murphy beds are tailored to your needs and style. Whether you want a deep cherry finish or a farm-style gray, we have dozens of options to fit your style preference.

Save space and get organized with a PNW Closets’ built-in Murphy Bed!

Murphy Bed Legs Angle In - PNW Closets - Custom Closets and Murphy Beds in Vancouver WAAt PNW Closets, our wall bed’s spring-loaded aluminum frame and tubular steel legs are designed to make the process of accessing and putting the
bed away absolutely effortless!

The Murphy bed’s legs have also been designed to angle inward, ensuring you won’t stub your toes while walking around the unit once it’s set on the ground.