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Custom shelving. PNW Closets provides quality custom shelving solutions for homeowners in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Whether you have a lot of books, board games, or crafting supplies, we understand it can be difficult to find a place for everything. It’s even harder to find a storage solution that looks pretty. Get organized once and for all with PNW Closets’ custom shelving!

Benefits of Custom Shelving

Custom shelves can transform unusable space into a storage area filled with style and design. There are a variety of shelving options available and several ways you can benefit from custom shelving.

  • Add function: custom shelving will provide an adequate amount of storage space for those trinkets you collect or the artwork you want on display. We can also design your custom shelving to be multifunctional. Do you read and craft? A shelf at the right height can serve as a desk or a small bar on top while providing storage space on the bottom.
  • Organize: shelving is the easiest way to bring some order into your home. Add custom shelving to your pantry, reach-in closet, kitchen, garage, and more! Shelves can hold a variety of objects.
  • Add hidden storage: our custom shelving units are durable. They can stand up to plenty of weight and movement. Place baskets or cloth bins on the lower shelves to store movies, games, and toys.
  • Create more closet space: transform your small closet into a space that will fit your entire wardrobe. Extra shelving will provide you with more storage options for your folded clothes, accessories, hats, and shoes.

How Much Does Custom Shelving Cost?

The custom shelving units we make are designed just for you so there is no set cost for our products. Some factors that will affect the cost of your custom shelving unit include the size of your unit, and the color finish you decide on. We offer:

  • Multiple Core Options
  • A Variety of Color Options
  • Numerous Texture Options

If you’re interested in custom shelving for your home and would like an estimate. Contact PNW Closets, we provide free in-home consultations. During this time, our master designer will take measurements, talk to you about what your shelving will be used for, and learn what style inspires you most. Then we’ll show you material samples and provide you with a virtual design of your custom shelving.

At PNW Closets, we’re all about being 100% local. Not only are we locally-owned and operated but we also only use locally-manufactured products. The TFL panels we use are sourced right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Professionals in Custom Shelving

Custom shelving can provide storage and function to any room in your home, including your garage! If you’re ready to invest in custom shelving, stop by or contact us. We would look to build and install the perfect storage solution for your home.

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