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Custom Closet Ideas for Long and Narrow Spaces

a long and narrow bedroom closet in portland home, renovated into a highly efficient walk-in closet

You don’t need a huge room for your master closet! Long and narrow closet spaces are a design challenge, but at PNW Closets, we appreciate a good challenge – and nothing is more satisfying than creating the perfect storage solution with limited space. If you only have a long and narrow space to work with, we can transform it into a fabulously unique walk-in closet.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different organizational options we have for long, narrow closets, and how we can use them to create a custom solution you’ll love.

Best Custom Features for Long, Narrow Closets

long and narrow walk in closet full of clothes and items demonstrates vast storage potential with custom featuresEverybody uses their bedroom closet differently, so the key is to figure out how you want to use yours and create an optimal design based on that. We have a variety of features we can use in our designs to make this happen, including:

  • Adjustable shelving – Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when your fashion sense certainly doesn’t? Adjustable shelving lets you play Tetris with your belongings, ensuring everything from your chunky winter sweaters to your sleek summer tees fits just right. It’s like having a closet that grows with your wardrobe!
  • Drawer dividers – Drawer dividers are here to save the day, turning your drawers into a well-organized haven where every item has its place. Say goodbye to the dreaded drawer mess monster for good.
  • Shoe shelving – With shoe shelving designed for long and narrow closets, every pair from your trusty sneakers to those sky-high heels gets VIP treatment.
  • another recently custom designed walk-in closet in Vancouver WA transformed from inefficient long and narrow spaceJewelry drawers – Keep your jewels organized and ready to dazzle with custom jewelry drawers. No more tangled necklaces or missing earrings. It’s your very own treasure chest, turning the act of choosing accessories into an indulgent experience. Who said you can’t add a bit of sparkle to your organization?
  • Tie racks – Let’s not forget about the ties! A sleek tie rack ensures your ties are displayed prominently and within easy reach, making the morning rush slightly more manageable. It’s the perfect way to honor your tie collection, from the bold and colorful to the refined classics.

And there are many more! This is by no means a comprehensive list. As we go through the process, we’ll make sure you know about all of the extensive options you have available.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Long and Narrow Closet

Storage organization is all about creating a custom fit for your needs. That all starts with a free consultation, where we’ll meet with you and learn what your goals are. With your goals and our storage expertise, together, we’ll unlock the potential of your space.

Don’t let a challenging layout dampen your storage dreams – schedule your free consultation today and let’s start the journey to a perfectly tailored closet solution!

Narrow Pantry? No Problem!

long and narrow kitchen pantry space in happy valley OR home offers immense potential with a few custom storage featuresDo you have an unusually sized pantry, perhaps that’s too long and narrow, and it’s hard to find what you need? With our expertise, we can transform any lackluster pantry into a marvel of organization and efficiency. Imagine the pantry of your dreams: where every inch is optimized, where tall shelves rise to accommodate your bulky appliances, family-sized cereal boxes, and those towering paper towel rolls, and your eye-level staple products and canned food items are right where you want them. 

The goal with your pantry is to give every item a place of prominence so you can find the ingredient or snack you want when you want it. This way things don’t get forgotten, which helps you reduce food waste.

Call us today to learn more about options for your long and narrow pantry, or to schedule your consultation.

Custom Closet Ideas for Long and Narrow Spaces in Vancouver WA & Portland OR

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