What are the must-have features for an organized closet?

Closet Organization - Custom Hanging Rods by PNW Closets in Vancouver WA

Do you dream of an organized closet space with room for clothing, shoes and accessories?  At PNW Closets, our designers know that an organized closet must include both hanging space, shelving, and drawers.

A variety of hanging rod lengths

Closet hanging systems include any closet organizers with a clothes rod for hanging clothes on hangers. In an organized closet, the clothes rods are installed at different heights depending on the length of your garments.

Typical hanging rod configurations include:

  • Double-hang is great for maximizing your hanging space for shirts, blouses, folded pants, and other short garments.
  • Long-hang is for overcoats, dresses, formal, coats, robes, and other garments needing length.
  • Medium-hang is used for suits, long skirts, pants hung from the waistband or cuff, blazers, and other medium-length clothing.
  • Half and Half is another configuration that holds the same length garments as double hang with the option of more shelves rather than an upper rod. This is often preferred in children’s closets.
  • Triple-hang is used mainly in baby closets. The short length of the clothing allows the stacking of three rods to maximize space.

Custom shelves

Closet Organization - Custom Shoe Shelves by PNW Closets in Vancouver WAShelves are the backbone of all storage and no one can ever have enough!

After hanging, shelves should be your next “go-to” in a custom closet. Use them for shoes, sweaters, jeans — in addition to hats, handbags, and accessories.

If you want a walk-in closet, but have no idea where to begin, it’s okay! During your free in-home consultation, our professional closet designer will take measurements and talk with you to learn about what you want in your new closet and how you’ll be using it. They will recommend layout options and accessories for your needs including:

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Drawer dividers
  • Shoe shelving
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Tie racks
  • And more!

Our walk-in closets also come in a variety of styles and color finishes so they can match your home’s decor, seamlessly.

6 Tips to Organize Your Closet for Good

Never worry about organizing your closet again!

Since we periodically update our wardrobe, maintaining an organized closet will always be an ongoing process. There are a few actions you can take to ensure you never spend more than 20 minutes rearranging your clothes.

Follow these six easy strategies to organize your closet for good. It may take a little time, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

  1. Declutter your clothes by category — Separate your clothes into categories like pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and undergarments. Then sort through every item in a single category before moving on to the next.
  2. Empty and clean your closet — Make separate “donation” and “keep” piles for clothes, shoes, and accessories give your closet a proper deep-clean and pull out anything else still lingering inside it. Vacuum the carpet, wipe down the shelves, and scrub any scuff marks or dirt off the walls.
  3. Design your ideal closet space — Take note of your closet’s best features: maybe you have tons of vertical storage space, built-in shelving, or multiple hanging rods. If you want to make the most of your space, we can help you design the closet of your dreams!
  4. Store your clothes by category — Keep like items together. Store all your accessories in the same spot, hang your dresses alongside each other, and keep your workout clothes separate from your pajamas.
  5. Use coordinating hangers — Limit the visual clutter and give your closet a sleek, streamlined look by using matching hangers for your clothes.
  6. Stack thick items like denim and sweaters — Stack bulky winter sweaters and denim jeans. These items make perfect stacks for your shelf space because they’re sturdy and thick, meaning they won’t slump, crinkle, or lose their shape when you stack them.